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Cargill Comunications™ is a marketing agency geared toward supporting small businesses in creating brand cohesiveness, awareness, and loyalty through an array of strategic services. The C+C team consists of a talented network of experts who specialize in website user experience design, software design, coding, and developing, graphic design, photography, event planning, and more to produce quality deliverables suited to business’ needs.

Sarah Cargill

President + Founder

Sarah Cargill has always had a knack for technology and love of people, words, and visual aesthetic. Currently full time at Nike, Sarah has experience managing online communications, content marketing, social media, websites, and more.

Julian Sherr

Freelance Web Developer

Julian Sherr specializes in front-end development and e-commerce. A problem solver by nature, he enjoys the artistry, collaboration, and challenges that go into the development process with equal relish.

Jenna Levy

Freelance Comms Manager

Jenna Levy enjoys creating conversations through every form of marketing and strives to learn about as many as she can. She currently works in corporate and consumer event planning and has extensive experience in retail marketing, social media and writing.

Kate Stringer

Freelance Comms Coordinator

Kate Stringer has always loved reading stories but discovered her passion for writing them at University of Portland’s student newspaper where she is a reporter and editor. She is excited to continue learning about journalism in a digital world as well as using both hard facts and personal voice to convey information and tell stories.

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C+C makes online communications, content marketing, and social media work for small businesses. We recognize that personalized solutions, flexible contracts and pay-as-you go rates lend better to the startup hustle. Our mission is to fill a gap in service access to small businesses by empowering clients to be successful in the fast-paced trajectory of online communications.


C+C helps small businesses create brand cohesiveness, awareness, and loyalty through communications, content marketing, and social media. C+C delivers a wide variety of services to fit the needs of each client.


C+C provides pricing up front so that you can better plan your goals and budget your bottom line. There’s no retainer and no cancellation fee. Instead, it’s a pay-as-you-go rate for service. You tell us your budget. We’ll tell you what we can accomplish. And you get to choose what you want us to tackle. You can start and stop whenever you need us.

Custom Proposals & Hourly Projects

We will create custom proposals based on project needs and deliverables, tailored to your company’s budget and timeline when you need it most. We’re like your in-house marketing communications firm that you don’t have to pay between projects.

Entry Packages

Just getting started? We provide roadmaps to clients in order to take the guess work out of website, communications, blogging, social media, email marketing, marketing, and public relations strategies. Our roadmaps are strategic blue prints that evaluate your specific industry, audience, and competitors to provide customized and informed instructions of how to tackle the right inputs for optimum outcomes. Roadmaps serve as pick-up-and-go resources for business owners, internal staff, or external contractors to hit the ground running. And of course, we’re always here to deliver on the plans.

Full Website Roadmap

$2,250 /per roadmap

  • Target audience analysis
  • Market & competitor analysis
  • Website requirements & specifications Report
  • Design & theme direction
  • Content & pages outline
  • Website wireframe & layout
  • Proposal for build phase

Full Communications Roadmap

$3,600 /per roadmap

  • Target audience analysis
  • Market & competitor analysis
  • Blogging roadmap
  • Social media roadmap
  • Public & media relations roadmap
  • Email marketing roadmap
  • Proposal for delivery

Website Updates

Just like servicing your car or updating your computer software, the health of your website also needs to be maintained. Keeping up with updates reduces security threats that can put your website, information, and customers at risk. It also improves the functionality and performance of the site, ensuring all components are compatible and working properly.

*VaultPress adds daily backups and security services to your website for $9/month, giving you peace of mind on your investment.
*WP Engine is a fully managed hosting service that builds the cost of backups, security, and ongoing updates into its $29+/month fee, giving you hassle free updates for the lifetime of your website.


C+C has worked with a wide range of brands in the Pacific Northwest, spanning different industries and disciplines, to deliver strategic support around online communications, content marketing, and social media.

“Cargill Communications has done an excellent job in the development of my website and social media platforms. Sarah Cargill was professional and organized. I was particularly pleased with Sarah’s clean and modern style. Her eye for design was a great match for my marketing vision.”

Dr. Melissa Shays | Naturopathic Physician and Acupuncturist

“Sarah Cargill of Cargill Communications possesses a unique combination of technical knowledge and an artist’s eye for good design. Her understanding of the mechanics of putting together a well-functioning Website — setting up hosting and ip issues, html coding, integration of outside software services — is absolutely outstanding. She is equally good and envisioning and creating a design and layout that perfectly matched our vision and gives us a professional presence on the Web.”

Michael Hosking | Owner at Revocycle

“Sarah’s professionalism, organizational skills and communication are among the best I have ever seen. She consistently impresses with her attention to detail and technical skills. We are so happy that we were able to work with her on our project and look forward to working with her again on future projects in PR and marketing.”

Michael Hosking | Owner at Revocycle

“I had a wonderful experience working with Cargill Communications. I’d highly recommend working with Cargill Communications to advance your company to the next level.”

Stephanie Dong | Owner at Stephanie D. Couture

“Sarah Cargill’s professionalism and organizational skills consistently impress me. She provides very clear vision and careful thoughts into every project, and is excellent with her attention to detail.”

Stephanie Dong | Owner at Stephanie D. Couture

“I’m very happy to be working with Cargill Communications, and I do look forward to continuing working with the team on our upcoming projects in public relations and marketing.”

Stephanie Dong | Owner at Stephanie D. Couture


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